For the past 19 years I've mainly been a mom, raising our brood of five children (mostly girls). On the side I've been a freelance editor and writer. I'm a hometown midwestern girl, born and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, where I currently live. I graduated from Wheaton College an undisclosed number of years ago, with a degree in English and minors in Christian Education and Psychology. (Indecisive much? For a while I was also an elementary education major.) Most of the time you can find me writing at my little table in the family room or driving the kids to music lessons and activities. When I have a spare minute, I love to travel (especially with my husband, Jeremy), play strategy games, and create jewelry.  

I became a writer partly by accident, when I sent my youngest off to school and I finally had a few minutes to carry a train of thought for more than three seconds at a time. Suddenly I realized that I love to write and I love the way writing helps me think more clearly. I write not because I am particularly brilliant or clever (I'm not), and not because I aspire to be a bestselling author. (Actually, for me, publishing what I write is really hard. Part of me hopes no one will read it, but that isn't good for book sales.) I write because I believe God has called me to it. And so everything I write, I hope, is in some way about him—about how God rescues and redeems us, and about how we can join in his rescue of a lost and hurting world.